Thursday, May 10, 2007

Waiting For A World Change....

Hi Dear,

I am glad God gave me an opportunity. He made all things possible. He makes all things new and wonderful. We are an item. A gift i never thought i could ask for more. Or maybe this is a reward. I never felt how i feel for you right now, at this very moment. I know it's difficult at this very moment. I know it's difficult what we are going through for now but eventually things will make it happen for You and Me. I believe. It's a matter of time.

Sorry for the times i let my emotions take control of me. And you have seen the other side of me. My weakness. You know whats inside of me. Eventually i will be strong, be tough, when i face the day. Only the bitter side of me get carried when i fear and try too hard thinking too much. You have been a confidence in me right now. I am just looking foward till the day we meet which probably takes years or centuries.

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