Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Specially for you Dear!

Hi gal, me miss you lots! After we went offline, I was in dreamland. Slept right on till 1.30pm (did woke up at 9am to take a leak, though). Anyway today's been a chilling day for me, not just the weather but for me personally. Nice to see you online while you were at work though I figure you must be pretty busy. Anyway I hope the pictures below will brighten up your day. Picture of a cactus flower taken from my home back in Malacca, curtesy of my bro, Justin!

A day before the flower opened (actually a few hrs)

Taken in the wee hours in the morning.
Cactus flowers are unique. They don appear all the time, and when they do, it's just for a brief moment. The beautiful ones like this one don't take heat, so later on they're close up and die off when it's hot.

A beautiful flower for you. Love you lots! Muacks! (4 Spots!)


Fina said...

Waaaa..that's a nice flower from the cactus. What's more it's rare. I've never seen it. Next time you plant okay, then i keep the flower. Heehe.

Drew said...

haha, sure la, now you know why i said i wan land? so tat i can plant plants....