Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hi Dear,
How are you? I know your tired at the peak of wee hours. Anyway, i am feeling better now. And i do hope this feeling will never run away or change from here. I feel i am at peace and calm tho i had lots of thought in my mind. I attend mass this morning with the hope to unleash something new, to search within myself. I had Tina's piece of advice in my mind where i found it true and truth enough that if i search and knew i feel at ease as God is there guiding us both.
I pray that you would stand tall at all times like these. Times were we have to bare all obstacle, challenges, trials and tribulation come what may. You have the optimistic factor that i see in you. Where on the other side i am strong outside but deep within there's just that emptiness that would pull my strength away that makes me weak and falls apart. I guess thats why you're always there to give me courage, and support to carry on which i've passed all this while.
Like you said, it takes 2-3 hours on air but 10 freaking hours on 4 wheels. Which is better? Time is so precious and limited. Though we are farfar away you will always have a place in my heart and my mind. I've never experience something i would eventually feel right now. Something not every other partners would feel. Well, i am honoured to be in this ship sailing with you till we reach sunset.

Tomorrow is yet another slow and draggy day. I am counting the days till i see you again!

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