Saturday, May 26, 2007

Thanx for the surprise, dear!

I hard a hard time leaving you back at the bus station. Was tempted to tear the ticket so that I didn't had to go back but you did talked some sense into me. Don't blame me for acting stupid, I just can't help it when I know that I'm so much in love with you.

The surprise you gave me, well lets just say you almost had me but well done. I did ended up astonished when I turned and looked at you at my place. Naughty of you to have actually planned with my parents on this.

Thanx for the time that you spent with me, the lunch date with Karen & Andy, Pirates of the Caribbean, dinner with my parents and supper with Thomas & Cheryl, not forgeting the valueble time that we spent together. Even the breakfast we had the following day together with Josephine & Michelle was nice. It did made my holiday back to Malacca very special and meaningful one.

Yup, such a short time but we did managed to do many things together. I know when you're reading this, you'll probably be back in Penang. Be strong, gal. We have to be. In time we'll be together then. Just that don't you start to complain, "everyday see your face, go hide your face somewhere else la!" I doubt that you'll say that as well.

Thanx a lot for lil Ziggy too. He looks alright and it says he's 100% huggable but I would rather have that hug with you instead.

I would rather hug the gal in the picture below:

Hug you tight-tight! 4 spots!

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