Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tonight Is The Is Your Night!

This would probably be the awaited post till i continued again next week. It’s going to be a very busy day after tomorrow till weekend hits this end. There’s nothing much to tell about. More to come till next week. However, this whole week has been slow and mellow for you and me. As for me i did not make full use of technology this pass few days. The effect of me getting tired and also the aftermath of being on late night shift from 2am onwards till 5am? This is crazy. But…but i have no regrets. The only issue was me dozing off and head dipping down in office. Somehow i manage to get my cycle back since i head to sleep before past 12.

Since you’re going back i have 3 pieces of advice;

‘Do enjoy yourself very very much’

‘Eat more WanTanMee’

‘Remember; grab hold of the opportunity that’s just in front of you’

Yes, i did say the opportunity. I bet you don’t get me. But you will. You will. Just wait a bit. Tomorrow morning will also be a time where i know you get tense and worried. It’s battle of the Titans. Your team is out there.

Will history repeat itself?


You’ll never walk alone in Athens.

because there's


Must message and tell me the scores. G’night. 4spots!!!!

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