Friday, May 11, 2007

A Thousand Miles Apart

Ever since that day,When I looked into your eyes,As I held you so close,And wished it was not goodbye.

Your warm gentle smile,Touched me like never before,When you left me the other day at train station,My aching heart slowly tore

I wanted to stay with you,And never have to leave,I can't even explain it,But you are so hard to believe.

Just that one weekend,You came with me,You were like a dream come true,Like a guy that never could be.

I felt something like never before,A feeling I wanted to last.

Since we depart far away,Leaving us 1000 miles apart,Not a day or night goes by,Without you in my heart.

This feeling I have for you,Is something so new to meFor the first time in my life,I found a man I do believe.

So now matter how far,the path between us appears,I have faith in us both,with no real doubts or fears.

For the first time in my life,I have faith in what I feel,Because since the day I met you,My whole life became so real.

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