Friday, July 27, 2007

Fina..Fina...say my name, Baby!!

Hello..... my Dearest, Andrew...

Heehee, looks like 'I' have abandoned this blog for quite sometime. I am sorry. You know rite, busy..busy..busy..with work/home/errands and of course YOU-laa. Hahahha. Days come and go. You been, come and gone for a get-a-way with me. nice to tag you along. Like grabbing and squeezing you, held you tightly kept in my pocket. Okay, that doesn't make sense rite, but you know me. Me likes to crap. And so....we had a very wonderful memorable time being together and spending time just Andrew and Fina. What could I possibly be asking for more.

To be honest, I've never been more happi-ER than this. Time sure passes so fast when ever we are together. I know you had lots of fun.

Here I am there you are. Both are in different worlds apart but heart and mind together as one. Miss you so much. Like I have to pass through yet another freaking month more till I see you again! I never felt so happy, peace and at ease until this far.

Miss the holidays with you, Drew. know what's good? I am just living the days here making life more meaningful knowing that tomorrow will be another day closer to you! We had so much fun traveling around there and there and I know there's more for us to come. Call this chemistry or just plain lucky, whenever I am with you, I have this super duper................................................widely smile

that says, 'Man, you complete me'. Let's say we are growing elderly. Time to be wiser and play our part in this ship. No doubt it's kinda hard and though on both sides but we'll make it through. There's more to come through good/bad times, I believe. And all these will keep our faith, heart and mind stronger.

I rarely get to tug you in. Missing all these...........................

getting away from work. Getting away from head-ache makes, everything go so....oooooOooooo and best part running along the beach-side is just too *yahooooooooo* with you!

Sometimes, ahemm..mmm well, God works miraculously. He doesn't have to punch card to make things beautiful for me to see....
And so....

Dear God,

I have found him the bare proof that good men, real men do exist. He loves me so much and I love him. He cares for me. He looks out for me, he teaches me, he scolds me, he makes me feel like a million dollars on one of my rough days.It gets hard sometimes but that's when he gives 110 percent. I love him so much I would walk around the world to get to him literally, he is great and he is all mine. Thank you, God. Please don't take him away from me. I need his guidance.

* Hey, UNFAIR! I have come to loved you more than I have the loved for my self!!!!*

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