Sunday, June 24, 2007

19 days and counting!

Hi ya baby,

Yeah I know it's my turn and I took quite some time to update it, pardon me. I guess you already know the reason as to why.

Yeah, I saw your pictures about the Penang Run. Not bad eh, check out my gal run! Let's hope you'll be powerless to be running away from me...hehe...

If you must know, it's approximately about 19 days till I see you. Counting down the days till I see ya again. Currently I'm doing what I told you I would, and that is to occupy myself as much as I can so that the days will pass by faster.

It's also like a couple of days till I head on back to Malacca for a good rest. I guess I ought to be resting much as I can as after this break I won't be having any off days nor leave till I see ya again. And that's my marathon for me to be accomplish.

Anyway I'm looking forward to be seeing you in 19 days time. I know we're gonna have lots of fun! To help remind you that it's not years but a few days more, I've uploaded a timer for you to monitor as well. Cheers dear!

Love always,

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