Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hi Dear,

How are you. Eh you know what? Know what? What? What? What? I miss you hell. A lot. A lot la...How la, apa macam mau jadi. I miss you lots. You too much. Every time go back Malacca make me jealous. Yea la, when you go back you show me all the nice food you get, all the things you do. Then come and lure me with WanTanMee. Hmm, not too good. Make me sad and sick because I had not get to taste WanTanMee so long already. I am looking forward till July. Then I get you all by myself. Hahaahaa. We go here and there. Waaaa, faster la..can not wait. Excited and happy, leaving the island with you yet to another island we go. Definitely going to make full use of the time I have with you.

To me, you have and always will be a priority in my life you're not just an option. Our relationship will work best when they are balance. Nevertheless don't doubt what's in store for you. Bear in mind I am full of surprises. I guess what keeps us strong at this peak is the effective communication. There's not a single day that I do not hear from you nor do we communicate. Be it a sms, or even a 2minutes call did make a difference between us thus vice versa. Moreover, we are able to share our feelings openly with each other. As for me, I just feel comfortable being able to be who I am and what I am. Your acceptance towards me makes a big leap for me. No doubt being apart and far away from you can be risky endeavor for all I know but nevertheless I am determine to prove myself something will work this out.

There's willingness in us to take the risk and the presence of a solid and secure trust between us will bring us far. This doesn't mean we have to sky dive from a plane but, rather each other we trust our social life, in our current location will not be a threat to this relationship. I have always believe trust is important because if it is strong we don't have to worry then. Because the distance we have, we always make time together for quality time, and build in some alone time whenever we are back. Very often, we do things that draw the two of us closer, rather than emphasize the distance between us but this is rare, because of the distance blend with the element of time, and location wise. But overall, I am glad to come this far being with you. You gave me everything. Everything a girl would ask for a simple and basic relationship. Trust, love, ensure and secure.

I am sorry for the times I let my emotions run wild. There are times I know I could have been though on you. I just need to ease myself and not think too much. As if relationships weren't complicated enough, having them across a long distance is extremely challenging. However, throughout time we have had to be miles apart, and have been able to maintain a solid, happy, successful relationship until we could be together again. In order to find success, there are some key elements that are necessary. Without these key elements, I don’t think I could have made it these far, not many relationships may endure, although they may not be healthy or fulfilling ones but still. It serves no point there. Let’s say;

I have always dreamed of this,

I will admit that there was something I missed,

Wondering if it is for real,

Every mistake, every wrong turn,

Every time I lost my way,

Led me to this, moment of bliss, tonight,

You were always by my side,

That you believed in me was enough reason why,

I didn't stop, didn't give up,

Even if I sometimes lost hope,

I did my best, and I am blessed in life,

With you, finally I can break free,

With you, I saw a changing in my destiny,

Dream come true, it's so funny now that I see,

How different life turned out to be.


I am glad I have you.

Thank you, Dear.

I owe it to you, that I made it through.

I never could've done it, without you!!!

Remember me this way..

Yours truly,


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