Thursday, September 13, 2007

Recharge and Roll Out

Looks like I am the one who is neglecting this blog. The other day you remind me to update our blog so here I am fulfilling my duty. I mean my obligation which I should. It's been almost like way long since I last updated. Well, nothing much nothing extravaganza for me to tell about. It's just the same routine, almost every single day. For the past few months I have spend a lot of time with you and likewise you have too for me. We even did many crazy things that I have never thought I would and could have done with you.

I have so much memories of us together. It's just like I knew you many years ago. To be accurate, I knew you at the tender age of 6. I knew you. But sadly you didn't know me or notice me neither I figure you've never captured my existence. It's alright. That was then. What happens now is a miracle. A history and mystery made. I guess I have to swallow my own pride. It's like sometimes in life we can never predict or go against the 'diagram' that was intended by God.

My gut feelings tell me so as I have the very extraordinary feel that makes me go emotionally disturb minus the fuss and nitty-gritty task. The closer you are, the more difficult we get when ever we part. It takes days to regain back at square one with obscure or oblivion syndrome. But there's one major thing I've got t
o share and I believe it will also be a lesson well learned. Well, I've learned mine since I've got to forked out RM250 again. And to soften the blow on your side, you've got to treat RM190.

I miss my flight back to Penang many, many, many, weeks ago due to traffic jams and improper planning i.e: time, time, time, time. Th
e effusive emo. I was like I want to and needed to go back due to work. Luckily, I manage to get another ticket back with the condition of seeing RM250 flee out just like that. And so, do you believe in karma? You have to. You really got to. See, just to days ago you had your chance and fame when you miss your flight back to J.b 'too'. Ohh, I got to give that >.< (heehe). Manage to get a new ticket for the next day and relief your in time for work too. The price to pay? RM190.


Apart from that, thank you very much for making all things possible for us both. The effort and also time spend means a lot for me personally. I hope you have enjoyed your stayed here and I knew one things for sure this time I dare to
sum you've real good food that was offered. Die of over eating. Eat and eat and eat. You sure had a good 'pan mee', 'laksa', 'char kuih tiaw' and indescribable lists.

Thank you and may God bestowed upon you always. You're always in my heart near or far. Four Spots!

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