Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas month has arrived!

OMG! Can't imagine it's been a month since the last post and I doubt that you even noticed or logged onto the page. I guess the saying hangat-hangat tahi ayam really does imply onto you. Well it's the X-mas month, X-mas will be fast approaching. Another 23 days to be exact. For me, this X-mas will be a little weird, it'll be the first X-mas which I'm not celebrating with my sister along together with my family but it'll also be the first X-mas with a partner. Guess you're the lucky gal after all. =)

A year ago I took this picture in Singapore, well Angie took it to be exact. One of the very first who took me around Singapore. Thanx Angie!

Last month when you came down to Singapore, I took this one! You sure do look lovely as always eventhough with the new hairstyle and siap with the snackbox! Yeah, you didn't tell me how long till it was finished.

This year am at the same tree and am happy that I don't have to be standing here again taking a picture of myself alone. What can I say, I just love being with you. I know I may be a man of few words and direct but am happy that you're happy being with me. FINANDREW 4-eva!

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