Thursday, June 7, 2007

Dear, You..

Hi Dear. I left office at 8.30 just now. I feel like going to hell. Everything’s been left unsaid. Make sure you eat lots of WanTanMee when you go back tomorrow. Eat on my part. Please do so. Man! Am so jealous you get to go back. I know what’s you’re up to this time

  1. Food
  2. Family
  3. Food, AGAIN!

Make full used of your rest day. Do you think there will be any surprised this time? Think again? I doubt so. I am even half way to collapsed how to surprise? I miss you a lot. I even missed you before we part. It feels like such a long time until we get to....








Please >>>>> each other face to face again!

By God’s will I do pray that things will work out for us. Really, I do. Yes, it’s funny how we’re actually kinder garden mates. But I was naïve and passive back then. Now, it’s a different chapter. As far as my concern is my love for you is growing and keeps getting better as day passes by. You’re the best thing that has happen in life. Just like darkness turns to light. It ends the darkness and shines out the light. I care for you as much as you have for me too.

It’s not easy though but at least technology helps bit in another words, particularly this is not what I want thus far the best option I have in hand. What could I ask for more? It’s been great knowing you. It’s a history how things work between us. Most importantly I’ve always stress how comfortable am I always with you. Never had I felt these coming right through me. Thank you. May God bless you always. The guy that is big at heart and mind for me!

Just LOVE YOU lots!

and still LOVING YOU a lot!

will LOVE YOU even more and more....


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