Tuesday, June 5, 2007

This special relationship of ours!

Wah lau, cut queue eh? Thought it was my turn to be posting but then she cut queue. Ok la, specially for u la =) Well I woke up early today, bout 1045am. Could not sleep anymore. Decided to come online. Did chat with Tina, guess she's in the same boat as us.

I guess you're feeling pretty much down this week. Don't take it too hard on yourself k? Told you that you still have a life to live. You too have a family that loves you, and me. There's not a single day that goes by without me thinking of you. Looking back at the times we've been together, it's just like a short time but yet I feel like I've done many things with you. Much more than any of my previous relationships.

It's funny knowing that I'm going out with one of my kindergarden classmate who was also my high school sweetheart. Damn, life sure does have a lil twist here n there.

I just hope that all our plans will go through. I'm sure I'll do my part at my end to make this work. I know when it comes to a relationship, especially this relationship of ours, both parties will give as much as they can to make it work.

Lastly I would also like to thank you for those meaningful phrases of yours down there. It really does has a good meaning, a loving meaning. Well I know that I won't be seeing you as often as other couples would, but then if God has given me this test, than I shall live through it!


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