Thursday, December 20, 2007


Ladies & Gentlemen! We have news! WAN TAN MEE and LAMB are officially on par. Well that's what I heard so far. So how Fina, who will it be?
Specimen one: Wan Tan Mee model 1
Specimen two : Lamb model 1

Specimen three : Wan Tan Mee model 2

Specimen four : Lamb model 2

Specimen five : Wan Tan Mee model 3

Specimen six : Lamb model 3
Haha! Yeah, I know it's gonna be hard for you 2 choose. Don't worry pictures just for rememberance and to cheer you up not for you to come to an ultimatum. Merry Christmas in advance. Looking forward to be spending our first Christmas together. All I want for Christmas is to be seeing you smiling happily =D

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